Mıhlı Waterfall

The Mıhlı Stream, which is one of the most beautiful geological formations of the region in Küçükkuyu that is connected to the Ayvacık district of Çanakkale, has been spilling and rippling in the strait where the shades of large pine trees in two crests are met.
The Mıhlı Stream, which is one of the countless streams descending from Mountain Ida to the sea, can be reached by the roads going to the north just before coming to Küçükkuyu. When you arrive at Mıhlı Stream, you can let yourself go to the nature and grasp the exquisite landscape by walking on the narrow roads and stepping on the stones around the stream. A picnic area with a lush green vegetation and fresh air will also be waiting for you around Mıhlı Stream where sometimes the sky does even disappear from the trees. You will also find many emerald green ponds in the vicinity. It is up to you to cool off by swimming in these ponds, too.