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Çan is a town and district of Çanakkale Province in the Marmara region of Turkey. According to the 2000 census, population of the district is 52,929 of which 28,878 live in the town of Çan. The district covers an area of 907 km2  and the town lies at an elevation of 129 m (423 ft).


In the district, the annual population growth rate is about 8 per thousand. The migration of population growth is in the district. There is a traditional family planning in the county.

The villages are small and inefficient agricultural land in the district center, and emigrated to the Dardanelles, but these are very rare. Generally, retirees, families with better financial situation to Altınoluk, Kucukkuyu have migrated to the Canakkale.

Distance from Canakkale:

Can  is located 65 km to the center of Canakkale.


Can is not the sea coast. Also there is no railway and air transport. Transportation  is made by road. Ceramics Factory is available in the helicopters, the helicopter is used by the company.

Canakkale city center 76 km away from the Can, are performed  from the regular to the city center, Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, Bursa, Balikesir cities such as addition, Biga, Yenice, Edremit area such as the districts in bus and minibus services. The bus terminal is sufficient to municipal needs and meet the desired service.

Places to see:

Tourism in the Can has not developed in parallel with the country's tourism. Apart from the sea, the lack of important historical works, has prevented the development of tourism. Only in the center of town and village in the hot springs in the summer will boost tourism.

People go for a weekend to relax and have fun Hacılar forest, Kestane fountain, Tepe village Forest, Kanlı Lake, Degirmen Lake, Semedeli Lake Comaklı  Village Forest  Mesire , and picnic area with picnic areas are the Forest Village.

Local people, as well as the demand of neighboring provinces and districts that will bring vitality to the region in spring and summer.

Tourist Hotel and Spas in Can:

Tepe Village Spa:

Village is 22 km. away from town. Pain, skin, and is said to cure skin diseases. Founded in 1827 in spite of a good business, good facilities are lacking and building new facilities are needed to be done.

Ozancık Spa:

Village is 28 km away from town center. Rheumatism, hemorrhoids, sciatica, etc .... known to be good for pain. Picnic in the forest is to go inside.

Çiftlik Mud Spa:

Village is 1 km west of Eti. There is no building. Enter the muddy pool is open.